Friday, February 10, 2012

A warm Hello

Hello World from Janet and Pete. We are two software developers often using  C#, VB.NET, SQL Server for desktop and web applications. Several months ago Janet proposed that, instead of keeping “brain dumps” of technical info in private places, it would have been better keeping them in a public blog.  This will also allow us to interact with a much larger population of fellow developers that we normally do. As simple as this sound, keeping short private technical notes is fast and easy. Writing blog articles involves much more work and time! So it took us a while to both agree that a software development blog would have been a good idea.

And here we are! “Sharp C Sharp” is a blog about the development of desktop and web applications using C# and related tools  such as HTML/CSS/javascript/jquery and SQL. Our blog articles will contain code snippets, news items and opinions. Janet is committed to posting quite a few tutorial articles on C# basics as well.

We will close our first post by stating the obvious: We have been around long enough to know that C# and related Microsoft tools are just that: tools of our craft. We do not feel that they are better than other tools (in fact we have also been involved in Java and  native C++ desktop projects, as well as LAMP Web projects).  If used appropriately,  each tool is good for some jobs, perhaps less so for others. We find that people evangelizing a development platform against another have spent too much time on the former platform and know too little about the latter. In practice, more often than not, the development platform is not in question: sometimes it has been decided before you join the project or from previous Company projects or your job is to extend an existing system. If you build a new system and you are the system architect, first look at the skills of your development team and choose an appropriate development environment based on that. This is our humble opinion.

We hope that the material posted in this blog will be useful to some fellow developers or C# learners. If we achieve that, this blog will have fulfilled its purpose.

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